During three months the psychotherapeutic and manipulation rooms have been renovating in military hospital by the initiative of Zhytomyr Community Foundation.

Funds (19,207 UAH) were raised by blind auction, organized by Zhytomyr Community Foundation.  Also, some building materials for the hospital repair (10,000 UAH) were supported by the hospital and volunteers.

During this time, the manipulation room was completely renovated. Before that, the manipulation room was used as a warehouse; the ceiling was seeping, without the floor, and a small window, that couldn’t be opened.

 “The manipulation room was located in those two rooms where it was planned to make a psychotherapy room. First of all, we had to repair the old manipulation room to make a p So we had to first repair the old manipulation to make room for psychotherapeutic room”- said Jhanna Solovyova, Head of the Board, Zhytomyr Community Foundation.

We made face-lift repair in both rooms, installed a new window in the manipulation room, made a dividing wall in the corridor that separates the manipulating room and the psychiatrist’s office.  The psychologist’s and psychiatrist’s offices are ready to work with the target groups.

The renovated rooms were blessed and consecrated by the Rev. Bohdan Boyko, provost of St. Michael’s Cathedral.

“Thank you to everyone who supported our project and took part in the charity auction. Over the last few months the Foundation’s team received little building experience that definitely will be useful in future. We believe that our project become a good investment in the psychological recovery of our heroes returning from the combat zone, “- said Jhanna Solovyova.