“Let the airspace be peaceful, and Ukraine be clean!”  is the slogan of Ukrainian campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean!” that took place in April 25, 2015.

Like the previous three years Youth Public Organization “Modern Format” cleaned the abandoned kindergarten №58 in Kroshnya region.

“Our organization have been cleaning this territory as a part of “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean!” campaign since 2013.More that 300 volunteers joined us in cleaning up the kindergarten. Unfortunately, cleaning and beatification of this territory does not solve the problem of building’s critical condition. This place attracts people who use alcohol and drugs because of its abandoned condition. This place is a kind of center of development of negative social behavior (crime, drug addiction and alcoholism among young people), “- says Jhanna Solovyova, Head of the Board, “Modern Format “.

Youth Public Organization “Modern Format” and Zhytomyr Community Foundation are grateful to who joined the cleanup of the abandoned kindergarten №58 in Kroshnya region:

– Board members, staff and volunteers of Zhytomyr Community Foundation and Youth Public Organization “Modern Format”;

– Employees of the housing and utilities services (management of Zhytomyr Housing and Communal Services, “Zelenbud”,  Housing office №4, etc.).

– Specialists of the Department of Education of Zhytomyr City Council;

– Teachers of the school №16;

-Teachers of Zhytomyr kindergartens;

– Employees of Coca-Cola;

– Employees of the company “Telekontakt”;

– Employees of “La Moda”;

– Teachers and students of the social and psychological faculty of Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University;

– Community of Kroshnya region;

Suhomlin Sergey , Deputy Mayor of Zhytomyr, Alexander Bochkovsky, Deputy Mayor of Zhytomyr, Valentine Arendarchuk – Head of the Department of Education of Zhytomyr City Council, Lubov Tsymbaliuk , Zhytomyr Mayor and Heads of municipal services   joined us in cleanup the territory after lunch.

Last year the object was finally transferred to municipal ownership. We hope that this year the city administration and local authorities will do everything possible to recover the object.  And we believe that the kindergarten №58 will resume its work.

Map of the cleaning places of the campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine clean -2015”.

Press Conference – “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean – 2015”..

Reports of the local media of “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean – 2015”..

Videos of the campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean!” In 2014..

Videos of the campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean!” In 2013..

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