Since September 3, 2015 Zhytomyr Community Foundation carries out the social program in Zhytomyr region that supports the self-employment and business development of internally displaced people (IDP) from the Lugansk and Donetsk regions and Crimea.


The program is supported by International Organization of Migration in Ukraine (IOM Ukraine and UKAID). About 135 participants from Zhytomyr region took part in the program in September –November 2015.

The program has two main areas: Self-employment and Microenterpreneurship. That is a good opportunity for those who have their own business ideas, who has business experience or wants to gain such experience and who already engaged in business activities.

The program gives chance to participants to get small start-up capital (from $ 900 to $ 2500) for launching a new business or development of existing business. The funds are assigned for the equipment purchases.